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really, really, really good cookies

It's pure joy in a box.

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We bake 12+ cookie flavors each & every day which means there's always something new to indulge in!

Always baked fresh.

Always delicious.

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”These cookies are beautiful on the outside and amazing tasting on the inside! The flavors are ever changing so there is always something new to try! You can see and taste the detail these dream makers put into each and every cookie! Highly recommend checking them out!”

Z. Kramer

Rock Island, IL


”These are nauuuuughty. Delicious. I can never go back. I'll weigh 500 lbs. Go at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you. I had a stuffed caramel apple something or other cookie- it tasted like apple pie but in cookie form. It was equal parts confusing, satisfying, intriguing, delicious, and dangerous. The cookie was so big it could have been a meal.”

M. R.

Bettendorf, IA


“Best Cookies ever! I will pick some Cookies up after work and bring them home to the wife when she is mad about my Draft Kings account. These things have saved my marriage! Everytime I make the wife mad she turns into the Cookie Monster and these cookies get me out of trouble. Thanks for the help and the delicious cookies!”

Chris Carroll

Davenport, IA


 “Amazing!!! 2nd time having those amazing, delicious, soft cookies that are the size of your hand! Incredible this is a gem spot with the most tasty selection of cookies by far! The creative craft behind these adorable delicious cookies with hit that sweet tooth with a bang! Will return for my next sweet craving! The place is a modern city feel which is unique and interesting. Try it out the next time you feel for something sweet! Definitely worth it!”

L. Alvarado

Iowa City, IA


 “I ordered cookies from 7 different companies last week. They were all relatively average. Except this one that stood out as the obvious winner. I wasn't expecting that at all. Each cookie was unique and clearly made with care. I'm a professional baker, and I'm impressed by this product.”

N. Freed

Los Angeles, CA

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Cookies & Dreams

Cookies is a female-owned cookie company working to smash the pastriarchy one cookie at a time. Learn more about how we got started.

Originally founded in Davenport, Iowa with multiple locations throughout the midwest, Cookies & Dreams now ships its delicious, ooey, gooey cookies nationwide. We always offer 12 cookies on our menu that are available all the time, along with seasonal favorites in our special occasion boxes. Shoppers near the Davenport area can order cookies for delivery on DoorDash.

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