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July Cookies of the Month!

July Cookies of the Month!

The best cookies of the summer are here! 

We may be in the midst of a Midwest summer heat wave but that doesn't stop us from creating (& devouring!) the ultimate summer time cookies! 

These limited edition flavors were inspired by our childhood memories during summer break. Ahhhh.....the nostalgia of being home from school for the summer, sleeping in on a weekday, enjoying snacks after a long day at the pool & going to the local fair. Take us back! 

July Cookies of the Month

As far as nostalgic snacks go, cookies are pretty high up there on the list of goodies that make you remember the "good ole days." We knew we had to make these the ULTIMATE "take me back" style flavors!

Scotcharoo - the first flavor in our July line up. 

Scotcharoo Cookies - stacked

Now, if you're from the Midwest you know how iconic the Scotcharoo is. It is THE dessert of your childhood, your school cafeteria, your cookout, your event...you name it - there were Scotcharoos. 

But if you're not from the Midwest, it is our absolute pleasure & honor to introduce you to this decadent dessert. I mean, this is a Beyonce level icon status in the dessert world out here. 

The traditional scotcharoo - made using peanut butter, butterscotch chips, rice krispie cereal & chocolate is traditionally served in bar form with a thick layer of soft chocolate spread over the top. 

We knew the stakes were high when attempting to recreate this cult favorite treat. Ultimately, we married two cookie recipes, added some of our secret sauce, some chocolate, more butterscotch & BAM - the Scotcharoo cookie was born. 

Featuring a brown sugar, peanut butter-y dough that is super duper soft with a slight crunch around the edges, this cookie bakes beautifully with golden brown cracks on the top. It's studded with peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips AND chewy caramel bits to round out the perfect texture & flavor combination. Once fully baked, we dip the bottom of the cookie in semi sweet chocolate & add a drizzle of butterscotch to the top. Yeahhhh.....this cookie has become Midwest iconic in it's own right!

Scotcharoo Cookies

Next in our line up of July Cookies of the Month is.....Are you for Cereal?! Heck yes, we are cereal!! Get your taste buds ready for a cookie that will bring you back to the breakfast table because this cookie tastes like milk & cereal in cookie form. 

Are you for Cereal? 

Are you for Cereal?

Ahhhh.....I can picture it now. Just waking up to have breakfast in the summer time. It's about 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, the sun in shining & it's already heating up outside. You sit down at the table to enjoy a big bowl of cereal with ice cold milk & maybe there are cartoons playing on the television or you're intently reading the back of the cereal box. 

It's one of those picture perfect summer mornings.

Well, we've recreated that feeling & baked it into a cookie! The Are you for Cereal?! cookie will bring you back to those big bowls of sweet cereal you had for breakfast growing up. 

Featuring a soft & chewy cookie infused with frosted flakes cereal, a little touch of added sweetness & white chocolate chips. It bakes up perfectly into a thick & dense cookie topped with our signature cream cheese glaze & a heaping helping of cereal. Make sure to have a glass of milk handy!

Next but certainly not least on our July COTM line up is Fried Fair Fun! Grab your cutoffs & cowboy boots because this one is taking you straight to the county fair!

Fried Fair Fun

Fried Fair Fun

Tell me you grew up in the Midwest without telling me you grew up in the Midwest......

Enter the Fried Fair Fun cookie! This incredibly decadent cookie concoction features everything we all know & love about the county fair! And you don't even need to bring your cowboy boots! 

The local county fair is known for all of the crazy food creations - especially the FRIED desserts! Raise your hand if you've ever had fried oreos at the fair! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

We knew we had to put all of our favorite fair foods into a cookie so we went a little crazy & we did! 

Featuring our signature brown sugar dough & LOADED with all of your favorite fair flavors - this cookie is studded with butterscotch chips, oreos, funnel cake pieces, chocolate chips & a touch of cinnamon. It's baked to the perfect ratio of crunchy & gooey & topped with a drizzle of chocolate, dusted with powdered sugar & topped with donut hole. It's the county fair in a bite!

Fried Fair Fun Cookies

There you have it! Our limited edition July Cookies of the Month are here, they're amazing & they will only last for a limited time so try them before they go back into the cookie vault! 

You can order them online to get them shipped straight to your doorstep.

Click here to build your own box!

Or stop into one of our locations to get one straight from the oven & into your heart <3 


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