Our Story

It was all a dream

It may sound crazy...

but our story starts wayyyy back in 1994 when I got my baking start as a kid
peering over the counter as Mimi, my long time baby-sitter taught me the baking
basics. Mimi was (and still is!) like a member of the family – together we
baked cookies, pies, brownies + more. Some were even entered into the local 4-H
competition at the county fair! We ARE based in Iowa after all. With Mimi’s
guidance & baking expertise, we received blue ribbons for our baked goods, arts
& crafts. It’s here that I discovered my early love of creativity & making things.

After college, like many business majors – I got my very first entry level
job at a bank. And although, it felt a little dull & boring – all was well….until
I got laid off after just three weeks on the job! Yep – enter the most recent
financial crisis.

I was baking A TON,

But I still felt like I couldn’t find my place in the world. It seemed as if my creativity had been shut off. It was around this time that my boyfriend started a Café in our hometown. A spark. I kept my distance but helped with menu creation, design & graphics for the small eatery.

Then, I was gifted a brand new, bright red Kitchenaid Mixer for Christmas. The fire was re-ignited. I start baking up breads, cinnamon rolls, cookies & cakes for the small café. And soon after, my boyfriend & I decided to open a stand-alone bakery.

Fast forward 6 months or so – my boyfriend is now my fiancé & the bakery is now a full blown restaurant, brewery & bar. Whoa. Talk about a plot twist.

And here’s the thing about this new project – it was the epitome of Murphy’s Law. Ghosts of bad construction past screamed from the walls, what could go wrong (& cost buckets of money) absolutely DID go wrong – we were hanging on by a carb & a dream. Literally. That first year we almost lost everything more times than I can count on one hand. If it wasn’t for our banker, turned friend, who believed in us even more than we believed in ourselves – the story would have ended here.

Ultimately, we persisted. We turned the corner & became a busy, successful & fun restaurant, bar & bakery. I was creating, baking, cooking, marketing & managing. It was a lot of work, but it was great! For a while at least.

That Spring our town experienced record breaking flooding – businesses were destroyed. Our Downtown community was under water. The main access point to our restaurant was shut down due to flooding for 4 months. And we almost lost everything yet again.

I decided to go for it!

Today, we have three storefront locations,