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Over-the-top cookies, cool freebies, and more reasons why Cookies & Dreams should be your go-to destination for gifting.

The Daily Mail

These giant cookies are breaking the internet with flavors like caramel pretzel and snickerdoodle cheesecake

Making better food choices does not have to mean cutting out certain food groups. Instead, a much more enjoyable way of life is to put higher quality items into your mouth and ones that make every bite a pleasure - like aCookies & Dreams cookie.


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Where to Get the Best Chocolate Treats In Chicago

International Chocolate Day is here! Have you decided what to buy as a celebration (however, do we really need an excuse to buy chocolate)? First of all, check out our hand-picked craft Chocolatiers in town and fill up a bag (or three). Then, stray away from traditional chocolates and get ready for the best chocolate treats in Chicago!

Quad-City Times

Cookies & Dreams creates cookie for John Deere Classic

Cookies & Dreams will bring an array of treats to the John Deere Classic this year, including a brand-new cookie that pays homage to a golf great. 

WBHF Living Local

Tasty Tuesday Cookies & Dreams

According to culinary historians, cookies came about for their use as test cakes. Bakers would use a small amount of cake batter to test the oven temperature. Today, cookies are more than trial runs… they’re one of the most beloved desserts in America! In fact, a new bakery in Davenport is dreaming up all sorts of delicious, cookie creativity!


Bettendorf gets a hint of sweetness

“The sweetness of the “Cookies & Dreams” store in downtown Davenport is now also in Bettendorf. The address is 6768 Competition Drive, Bettendorf. The store opened its second location on Friday. Unlike many, this small business is thriving during the pandemic.”

Our Quad Cities

Female-run Cookies & Dreams finds success despite pandemic

“The women hope to be role models for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Assistant manager Annie Dunn-Crouch said she loves surrounding herself with the other “cookie queens” and paying it forward.”


Cookie shop opens up downtown Davenport

A sweet new shop opened up in Davenport's downtown - Cookies & Dreams.

98.1 KHAK

Where to Get the Best Cookies in the State of Iowa

There's nothing quite like a soft, warm cookie!

The website Love Food recently put together a list of the 'Tastiest Cookie in Every U.S. State," and after looking through the photos, I've never wanted a cookie so bad in my life!

Des Moines Register

Cookies & Dreams to open Ankeny store in September with snickerdoodle cheesecake treats

When Steph Sellers and her husband, Bill, went through hard times at their Davenport restaurant and bakery, it was Sellers' chocolate chip cookie that kept them afloat.